San Antonio Patrol Service (SAPS) provides highly trained Armed and Unarmed security officers.

    Whenever an event, company, or other organization finds itself in need of security services, they want the best. Not only does that include having security personnel who are well-trained in various aspects of security and law enforcement, but also working with a firm that has an industry-wide reputation for excellence.  

The Best Officers

    When you contract with us for your security needs, you'll be getting guards who are certified, licensed, and insured. In addition to this, many of them are former law enforcement officers or military veterans, all of whom have experience in numerous aspects of security. Using numerous aptitude tests, multi-level drug testing, and in-service training in criminal law and other security skills, you're sure to get the best officers in the industry. And to make sure you have the highest quality security service for your needs, we provide supervisors who are on duty 24/7/365, and are in charge of maintaining the high professional standards and excellent customer service we have prided ourselves on from the beginning.

Our Unique Business Approach

    While many private security companies choose to go the easy way and hire virtually anyone to wear their uniforms and represent their company, we at San Antonio Patrol take a much different approach. Choosing instead to be very proactive in our business approach, we choose only the best of the best to protect our clients. Focusing heavily on the hiring of military veterans, we hire guards who are well-groomed, understand the value of customer service, and are trained in the latest and most effective methods of security services. By taking the extra time and effort to hire only the best, we give our clients peace of mind, knowing the guards in charge of their safety are the best in the industry.

Screening and Training

To make sure we are able to recruit and hire only the best possible applicants, we adhere to a very strict screening and training regimen. By carefully evaluating each of our potential guards, clients can be sure they will have the most experienced and well-trained guards available. To ensure this happens, each guard undergoes state-mandated certification courses, along with training classes in patrol techniques, criminal law, defensive tactics, anti-terrorism, and customer service. Far exceeding the training guards receive at other security firms, our personnel will be well-prepared for any situation they may face.

Our Approach to Security

    Rather than always trying to intimidate those they come in contact with, our officers take a much different approach to maintain the highest levels of security. Using the latest in "for the community" efforts , our guards are able to make those around them feel much more confident and comfortable. By being approachable sources of information to people, they are able to produce positive feelings of community and safety, while also being able to deescalate potentially volatile situations. 

Patrol Procedures

    In virtually any security situation, efficient patrols are extremely important to maintaining high levels of safety. Here at San Antonio Patrol, we train our officers to make highly visible foot patrols using undetermined patterns, making it virtually impossible for criminals to learn a regular schedule. And along with this, guards are trained to interact with people while on foot patrol, enabling them to get to know those who should be on the premises. In doing so, they will be better able to spot potential problems, enabling them to make the correct decisions regarding security procedures.

A Professional Appearance

    Along with using their experience and training, each and every one of our guards always maintain a professional appearance. By having police-style uniforms that are neat and pressed, along with polished shoes, neat haircuts, and an overall positive appearance, both our male and female officers command respect wherever they may be stationed. 

Schedule a Consultation

    Because we work very closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety to maintain very high levels of liability insurance and training procedures, clients always have full confidence in our ability to get the job done each and every time. To schedule a consultation where we can discuss the needs of your particular situation, call us at 210-294-6551 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .