Welcome to San Antonio Patrol Service!


Since its establishment, San Antonio Patrol Service has been providing cost-effective, professional and comprehensive security officers across the San Antonio metro area!

      We understand that our prospective clients need complete confidence in our security services. We guarantee to fulfill all your requirements and maintain the highest levels of service. In our line of business being reliable is not optional.

      We pride ourselves in maintaining close working relationships with our customers to ensure delivery of the agreed service requirements.
Furthermore, all of our officers receive rigorous and continuous training. They are also subject to continuous on-site random supervision inspections to guarantee your security at any time.

     SAPS offers a long list of valuable protective services for you business. Armed and Unarmed security officers, Undercover loss prevention officers, fugitive recovery, parking lot / fire patrol. Directed and random armed patrol officers with law enforcement style vehicles.

San Antonio Patrol Service is a proud member of the National Association of fugitive recovery agents, San Antonio Apartment Association, Texas Apartment Association, and the National Apartment Association.